Fees and Forms

Fees and Forms

Fees and Forms

  • Length of Sessions: 1 hour
  • Session Fee: $100

What does a Somatic Experiencing® session look like?

It’s more about “tuning in” to our body rather than “talking.” Our body’s stress response system is guided by the lower, instinctual, non-analytical part of the brain. The language of this part of our brain is more sensation and imagery rather than insights or sophisticated thinking. To engage with this part of the brain, we must track what is happening in the body. So, during an SE® session we focus on tracking sensations in the body. We don’t access the lower brain by talking although there is talking involved.

For example, as a client talks about a stressful event or a particular aspect of their job or life that is stressful, they would be asked to notice what is happening in their body at the present moment. They may notice their shoulders and neck are tightening. And as they notice their shoulders and neck tightening, they may have an image or thought, and that image or thought may lead to other sensations. That is how we track sensation in the body to gain access to other elements of our experience.

Why do we focus on sensations in the body?

Focusing on sensations in the body ultimately leads to the body gaining access to and releasing old trapped energy, old emotions, thoughts and images. By doing so it allows us to break old coping patterns and habits that may have served us well in the past, but are now interfering with our ability to lead a more balanced and healthy life. It is this process that helps restore balance to our stress response system.

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