“It is scary to think of where I might be if I had never found SE. I felt depressed, constantly stressed out,
and experienced physical pain for years. Physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor temporarily relieved the
muscle strain, but SE is what has permanently relieved all my symptoms over time.”

High School Student

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The Centers for Disease Control suggests 70% of teens are feeling stressed, overworked and overscheduled, with 40-60% of students become chronically disengaged from school. The American Medical Association cites stress as the cause in over 90% of all medical diagnoses including physical symptoms, pain, illnesses, anxiety and more.

Shelia Kuhn has helped adults and teens who have been affected by stress or trauma and are experiencing symptoms such as nervousness, overwhelm, autoimmune disorders, chronic aches and pain, lack of energy, insomnia or panic attacks and feelings of irritability, anger, sadness, isolation or downheartedness.

While Shelia works with adults, a key focus for her is teenagers’. Her goal is to help them restore balance to their “stress response system” while providing them with tools and resources to self-regulate and manage stress, which enhances their ability to learn, take an active role in life and reach their highest potential.

If you or your teenager are feeling “stuck” in life, stressed or are experiencing any of the symptoms above, please feel free to browse our site for more detailed information on stress and trauma, or call 949-400-5951 for a free 15-minute consultation before setting up an appointment.