“I honestly do not know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Somatic Experiencing. It gave me the resource to change negative habits that I was barely aware I had. For six years, I constantly got up in the middle of lunch and wandered around the school campus rather than sit the entire time with my friends. Once I was walking around alone, I would wonder why I hadn’t stayed to joke and laugh with my friends. The Somatic Experiencing sessions taught me that this habit was caused by being bullied and teased in groups of friends and family at a younger age. After a few SE sessions and becoming more aware of my thoughts and what was happening in my body while at school with friends, I have finally been able to remain sitting in a group of peers and enjoy myself again.

Somatic Experiencing has also helped me with my fears and insecurities. When going out with friends, I used to always carry the impression: They do not want me here, because they think I’m a nuisance. It was a discouraging and haunting thought that presented itself even when I spent time with a close friend of eight years. Through the SE method, I have learned to recognize such thoughts as false fears when they enter my mind. The greatest reward is the huge relief and reassurance that the body feels afterwards.”

Phoebe, High School Student

“As a student who always excelled in school, studying became more than just a habit to me – it felt like an obligation. When I spoke to a psychologist, we figured out that I had a fear of receiving less than perfect grades. However, understanding the problem only at a cognitive level was not enough. Entering college, I still felt like I did not have any options but to keep studying as a first priority at all times, even if it meant isolating myself. I even thought I had depression for several months. Fortunately, Somatic Experiencing helped me realize that I have options. As a result, I was able to drop a class in order to give myself extra breathing space. Before Somatic Experiencing, just the thought of dropping a class so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with studying, would have been impossible. Now, this newly created space has allowed me to be more open in my relationships, both at home with parents and among friends. I finally feel happy again.”

Student, University of California

“Somatic Experiencing has been such a useful tool in my life even though it started as a way to manage my school-related stress. My junior year was jam packed with Advanced Placement courses, a challenging work schedule, and sports on top of it all. I had some acquired neck pain and was irritable and angry all the time. After working with Shelia, I learned how to effectively communicate my feelings and emotions, as well as acknowledge and accept them. SE helped me calm my body and remain in a more settled and relaxed place. This allowed me to do the things I wanted to do to be successful, without becoming stressed and anxious. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about myself and finding new ways to manage my stress. I couldn’t have been happier with the results!”

Rachel, High School Student

“I had never been to any sort of therapy before, however my teacher kept on talking about Somatic Experience. I wanted to check it out, to have a say about SE. I wasn’t the first student Shelia had attended. Some of my other friends also were going and seeking help. From the first day, Shelia always had a warm heart. Her warm hospitality helped me go through this experience with her. She guided me through the process and made sure I was feeling comfortable. I do not know what I would have done with out her. The 30-minute drive I would make was worth it at the end. I was “me” again, better than ever before.”

High School Student, Fountain Valley, CA

“As a result of my SE sessions with Shelia, I have found new confidence that I could previously only envy in others. I also find myself speaking up now, where in the past fear would muddle my thoughts and virtually paralyze me. Situations at work that used to create stress and anxiety, no longer do. I see myself differently than in the past. Now I feel like I have value, skills, intelligence, a place in this world and a voice. I am now able to enjoy sustained feelings of happiness and relaxation.”

Executive, CA

“During SE sessions, feelings arise and I sit with them as Shelia helps me become more and more aware of my body and the cycle of thoughts and feelings. Over time, I have learned to catch the feelings of anxiety before they get out of control and become worse. I’m learning that they ebb and flow, too, which is a relief! Nothing is permanent. I was so afraid that if a feeling was brought into awareness I wouldn’t be able to “make it go away”. Funny thing, though, as I FEEL the feelings, the uncomfortable sensations in my body begin to settle out. And, my response to the stimulus that raised those thoughts, uncomfortable sensations and feelings in the first place becomes less and less.”

55 Yr Old Woman

“I cannot begin to think about where I would be now without Somatic Experiencing. Prior to starting SE, I
had daily anxiety attacks stemming from the pressure to succeed academically. I never enjoyed spending
time with my family or friends because I felt as though I always needed to study. My anxiety got so severe
that I considered homeschooling as a way to escape the pressure to be perfect. Luckily, SE has taught me
how to restore the balance between my life in school and outside of school.”

Phoebe, High School Student

“It is scary to think of where I might be if I had never found SE. I felt depressed, constantly stressed out,
and experienced physical pain for years. Physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor temporarily relieved the
muscle strain, but SE is what has permanently relieved all my symptoms over time.”

Student, Fountain Valley High School

“Before, I always isolated myself from friends and was irritable around my parents. Since SE, I have learned
how to have friendships and healthy close relationships. I am finally able to express myself honestly and
have my needs met without being the people-pleaser.”

Student, Fountain Valley High School

“As a student, I have had serious problems concentrating, because intense emotions came up whenever I
sat down to study. I would constantly distract myself. But SE has taught me to access and contain
emotions, which has enabled me to focus while studying.”

Student, Fountain Valley High School, CA

“I came to Shelia to get off the anxiety medication I had been on for 8 years. I am in my mid-50’s and, after doing SE work, I am off anxiety medication and living a much fuller life where I can reach out to make others comfortable rather than worrying about myself, and the impression I’m making. And I no longer fear the type of situations that created the anxiety in the past, as I am no longer reactive to them. I am so grateful that Shelia has taken her own experience with Somatic Experiencing and trained so that she can share this powerful technique with me.”

Orange, CA

“The “buzz” of anxiety that I lived with for decades has greatly reduced, leaving me able to think and speak more clearly and more freely. I’m able to live in the moment and enjoy myself rather than worrying about what others might think or what they might find out about me. It is so freeing! ”

Working Mother, CA

“I’ve learned over time that it’s OK to NOT hang onto the fears, anxieties and behaviors that were my go-to ways. I’ve learned how to feel emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them or reverting to a behavior pattern that no longer serves me. And, I have found that as I allow difficult emotions to be there and I experience them, they eventually turn into something different like happiness, relief, peace, etc. ”

Orange, CA