A Message From Shelia

A Message From Shelia

In 2003, I was the Chief Operating Officer and investor of a privately held company based in Southern California, with a work week typically averaging 50-60 hours.

At this time, getting through each day was an extreme challenge; I was experiencing debilitating pain, migraines, a lack of energy, an accelerated heart rate of 150 bpm while at rest, sleepless nights and anxiety. If that wasn’t enough, I was also diagnosed with yet another autoimmune disease.

For over 20 years, I had been searching for a solution to my long list of physical and medical issues, which were now increasing not just in quantity but also severity. Finally, I was introduced to Somatic Experiencing® (SE®), yet at the time, I held out little hope for an actual “cure”.

Over the years, I had been told by many doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors that the intense pain in my neck, shoulders and spine could not be relieved, and those who thought they could heal the pain were unable to.

Although the endocrinologists who explained that Graves Disease, my latest autoimmune disorder, stemmed from my malfunctioning autonomic nervous system (the body’s stress control mechanism), they offered no way to solve the problem.

What they did offer me was a surgical option to remove my thyroid followed by a lifetime of drug treatment to regulate my hormone level—the thyroid is considered the “master of metabolism” and produces several important hormones considered vital for healthy bodily function.

I was not willing to have my thyroid removed, especially when I considered that it was not the root cause of my problems, merely the target of a malfunctioning nervous system. Medication was also offered for the migraines and sleeplessness, which I also declined.

Although, when I was introduced to SE®, I knew nothing about the method, I did know one thing for sure—it was a natural approach that would not require drugs, surgery or the removal of vital glands. I began working with an SE® practitioner in 2003, and I am happy to say that I am currently free of chronic pain, migraines and sleeplessness; the autoimmune disorder can no longer be detected; my energy levels have improved considerably; and, most importantly, my autonomic nervous system has improved significantly, allowing me to effectively handle stress without negative symptoms reappearing.

Holistically, the SE® Method has had a profound effect on me: physically, emotionally and psychologically. Because of my personal results with the method, I was compelled to enter the three-year SE® Training Program offered through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, with the goal of helping others who are experiencing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and/or trauma.

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms that cannot be explained or successfully treated by traditional methods: you are not alone, and you are not crazy.

For those of you living with stress or the feeling that something’s not quite right, or are dealing with physical, mental or emotional challenges, I urge you to take the time to learn more about the autonomic nervous system (the body’s stress control mechanism), the effects of unresolved stress, shock trauma and the Somatic Experiencing® Method.

With warm regards,
Shelia Kuhn